Singapore Independent Testing

A Singapore teaching professional asked that I give him grooved grips for testing his clients. He did the following testing on a spectrum of men and women with varied handicaps. He tested them with their own driver first and recorded the results. He then tested with a driver with a grooved grip. The results were in three categories.

  • 1. Where did they hit it on the face of the club? 46% more in the center of the club face.
  • 2. Did they improve in their shot dispersion? 46% had decreased shot dispersion between 10 and 80%.
  • 3. The then went back to their driver and learned that 31 % improved performance without a grooved grip after only 20 hits with a grooved grip in the testing.

There was a motor memory transfer immediately after the testing. However, it would be my opinion that this would be lost over time and not there by next day or week. The independent testing showed the value of the grooved golf grip in amateur golfers.