Driver / Iron Grip Fitting Instructions

1: It is important to have the top groove on the top and not to one side.  Testing on PGA tour players showed that if a player in an effort to have their thumb over the groove rotated the grip it had an adverse effect on ball flight.  If the grip is rotated, then the human body wants to square the position and thereby creates a draw or hook ball flight. In an effort to avoid the draw, they will spontaneously block out the shot.

Therefore, it is important to have the top groove on top. No matter how one grips the club, their skin will contact the grooves somewhere and thereby get the benefit.

2.  The top groove should line up with the shaft and be in line with the hosel, not the face of the club.  The one constant is the shaft and not the face alignment on golf clubs. The face alignment to the shaft varies by club loft and manufacturer.

3. The application should be performed by “pulling on” rather than pushing on.  After the initial application one should place the palms of both hands on each side of the grip and complete the application with pulling the grip to its final length.  The maneuver insures the grooves will be straight down the shaft. Since the material is rubber the grip may be stretched longitudinally and then retract minimally after placement

4. The final assessment is made by looking down the grip to the shaft from the butt end to see the TOP GROOVE is straight and without wiggles.  This groove may also be checked by looking from the club head end for confirmation.

5. Minor adjustment may be made to achieve the proper alignment prior to setting of the grip.  The grip may be twisted to make it straight in shape and aligned with the hosel. There still may be time to “pull” it into place to get the groove straight.


  • One layer of tape is recommended for the standard material reminder grip.   Extra tapes on this grip will have little effect to stretch the diameter.
  • Two tapes are recommended for the new material mid-size grip.  It is a softer material and the 2nd tape will take up space and make the fixation more secure.
  • Allow 40 minutes for “hardening” of the fixation to the shaft.
  • With use and time there can be deformation of the grips whereby the grooves may be moved slightly or widened in certain areas.