Since golf clubs do not play golf, our emphasis is uniquely upon the human factors, so you play better and enjoy more.

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Technology That Makes a Difference

“Golf Clubs do not Play Golf”. Everyone knows it is the archer and not the arrow that decides where to hit the target. It is the same with golf.

However, the technology continues to be limited to the golf club design; the head and shaft. It literally is missing the mark. By way of contrast, we have introduced technology that includes human functions.

The golf grip has been ignored from the standpoint of performance, until now. The introduction of the patented GROOVE GOLF GRIPS favorably influences the golfer’s proprioception. There is evidence illustrated on this site that proves even the PGA tour player will have more central impact sites and more solid hits.

The golfer will be more accurate with less dispersion of their shots. In some cases, the studies have shown they will hit it longer. This is true for the rank amateur, the collegiate player, and the club professional.

The patented Forgiving Face putter face results in solid impacts while compensating for the common error of shaft angle change putt to putt. The rollouts will be more accurate and consistent in length.